How to apply for Digital Signature Offline

How to Apply for Digital Signature Certificate Offline?

There are certain documents which requires signature of the person. If the documents cannot be signed manually, then it can be so signed with the help of Digital Signature Certificate. As per the Information Technology Act, 2001 the Digital Signature are a valid proof of signature on documents.

What is Digital Signature Certificate?

Digital Signature Certificate (for short ‘DSC’) is issued by Certifying Authorities authorized by Controller of  . Earlier, there were three classes of DSC namely – DSC Class 1, DSC Class 2 and DSC Class 3. But from January 1, 2021, DSC Class 1 and DSC Class 2 have been discontinued. There is only one class of DSC now and that is DSC Class 3

Parts of DSC Class 3

The DSC Class3 is classified into three parts:
– Signature
– Encryption
– Both (Signature and Encryption)

DSC can be applied online as well as offline. In this blog, we will discuss about application of DSC. The steps involved in application of DSC (offline)  are as follows:

Steps to apply for DSC Certificate Offline in India

The process of applying for DSC offline is time consuming and may take time of upto 15-20 working days. 

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