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    Who is a Consumer?

    As per the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 – a consumer is a person who avails the services and buys any goods for self/personal use. It is important to note that if a person buys any good or avail any service for resale or commercial purpose, then he will not be considered as consumer. The definition of the consumer covers both types – online and offline transactions under the Act.

    Rights of Consumer

    • To be informed of the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of goods and services.
    • To be assured of access to a variety of goods or services at competitive prices.
    • To seek redress against unfair or restrictive trade practice.

    Forums where complaint can be lodged & How to lodge it?


    Jurisdictional Value

    Appeal Lies To

    Period of Limitaion for Filing Appeal

    District Consumer Forum

    Up to Rs. 1 crore

    State Consumer Forum

    45 days from the date pf passing order

    State Consumer Forum

    Above Rs. 1 crore but below Rs. 10 crores

    National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

    30 days from the date pf passing order

    National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

    Above Rs. 10 crores

    Supreme Court

    30 days from the date pf passing order

    Who can file Consumer Complaint?

    Persons entitled to approach the forums under the Act are:

    • To whom such goods are sold or delivered or agreed to be sold or delivered or such service is provided or agreed to be provided,
    • Who alleges unfair trade practice in respect of such goods or service, or
    • Any recognized customer association, whether the consumer is a member of such association or not, 
    • One or more customers, where numerous consumers are having the same interest, with the permission of the District Commission, on behalf of, or for the benefit of, all the customers so interested.
    • The Central Government, the Central Authority or the State Government.

    How to lodge consumer complaint?

    Contents of the complaint

    • Complete name and details of the complainant and opposite party.
    • Date and time of purchase of goods purchased or services availed and amount paid by them.
    • Particulars of dispute.
    • Relief sought
    • Documents to be attached for the goods purchased or services availed.


    If a product or service is free or purchased for commercial purposes, then you cannot approach the Consumer Court, hence not considered as a consumer.

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