Qualifications for GST Registration

In order to start a business, the person require to obtain GST registration. Once the business is successfully registered, he get a unique registration number. Furthermore, they are known as the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN). This GSTIN is a 15-digit number assigned by the Central Government after the person has obtained the registration. 

Who all are liable to obtain GST Registration?

As per Section 22 of GST Act, following persons are liable to obtain GST registration:

  1. Supplier who involve in exclusive supply of goods. However, this is dependent on the State and turnover of the business. The classification of the same is as follows:

    Indian States & Union Territories

    If exclusively engaged in Goods

    If exclusively engaged in Services or Goods + Services

    • Manipur

    • Mizoram

    • Nagaland

    • Tripura

    Rs. 10 lacs

    Rs. 10 lacs

    • Andhra Pradesh

    • Meghalaya

    • Puducherry

    • Telangana

    • Sikkim

    • Uttrakhand

    Rs. 20 lacs

    Rs. 20 lacs

    All other Indian States & Union Territories

    Rs. 40 lacs

    Rs. 10 lacs

  2. Persons who are registered under the erstwhile law, on the day immediately preceding the appointment date. Moreover, it is liable to obtain GST registration.
  3. The registered taxable person when transfers business to another person on going concern basis. It is whether on account of succession or otherwise, in such case the transfer or the successor is liable to obtain GST registration.
  4. Transfer of company in case of amalgamation or de-merger in accordance with an order of a high court, tribunal or otherwise.

Who has to compulsory obtain GST Registration:

There are cases where the businesses threshold limit does not exceed the above said classification. Moreover, but still need to obtain GST Registration. In addition, these cases have been mentioned under Section 24 of the GST Act and are as follows:

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  1. Casual taxable person / Input Service Distributor (ISD)
  2. Non-resident taxable person
  3. Inter-state supplier of goods and services
  4. Supplier of goods through an e-commerce portal 
  5. Any service provider
  6. Liable to pay tax under the reverse charge mechanism
  7. TDS/TCS deductor
  8. Online data access or retrieval service provider


Yes, if you have business in more than one state. Then you will have to take separate GSTIN for each State in which you have your businesses.

Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the applicant
– Copy of the aadhaar card
– Proof of business registration or incorporation certificate
– Identity and address proof of promoters/directors with a photograph
– Bank account statement/cancelled cheque
– Authorisation letter/board resolution for authorised signatory
Digital signature

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