Taxability of Intraday Trading

Know About Taxability of Intraday Trading

The term Intraday Trading means that the buying and selling of the stocks are done on the same day. While buying stock, the person has to specifically mention ‘intraday’ on the portal through which he is buying stocks. Through this trading, the traders earn money by buying or selling stocks and derivatives on the same day from price fluctuations at given point of time. The profits earned on this intraday trading of stocks are speculative gains and loss as speculative loss.

How to determine your net worth?

How to determine your Net Worth?

Net worth, in layman’s language means the sum of all the assets owned by an individual or a company, minus any debts or liabilities. This net worth help in measuring wealth and works as a financial indicator for all the persons.
The formula for calculating net worth for company is calculated in the same way as the net worth of an individual is calculated i.e., by subtracting net liabilities from net assets.
Net worth of company = Net Assets – Net liabilities